Comrad aka BossTon George
Comrad aka BossTon George was born February, 1982 in Bronx, New York by Haitian parents. He was raised in Haiti and moved to Queens at the ripe age of 10. BossTon George made his first attempts at pursuing a rap career in the late 1990s. He was heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur, Live Squad and his mentor E MoneyBags. After the death of E MoneyBags, he joined forces with Grand Imperial Records as a member of Thugadons. The Thugadons debut album, Grand Goons- Vol. I was released in 2003 followed by Grand Goons – Vol.II.
After an early record deal failed to meet their standards, Grand Imperial decided to shift gears and produce the documentary, The Tribute, about the most dangerous rap group in the East Coast – Live Squad. Expected to be released to the general public in August 2010, the film features rare footage from Tupac Shakur, Stretch, E MoneyBags, Mobb Deep, 50 cent, DJ Kay Slay and countless others.  
Still adamant about focusing on his passion for music, BossTon George reconnected with family partner, Kelo aka Gramzunkut and pioneered the movement – Global Thugz. Together they have formed the rap duo, Troubleneckz. They have sold mixtapes at a prolific rate and continue to impress audiences with their hardcore delivery. As Global Thugz, the movement, their ventures include nurturing and promoting local music artists as well as individuals involved in other mediums of artistic expression such as painters, filmmakers, writers, graphic designers, etc. They are also engaged in various philanthropic initiatives. Overall, their love of art in all forms is their choice of weapon.
 Get with the movement – Global Thugz!

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